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Coming Spring 2019

Christianity has always been on a collision course with culture and culture’s beliefs.  From the beginning of the church in the New Testament up until today, there has been an attack on those who identify themselves with Jesus, the Messiah, and their proclamation that He is the way, the truth, and the life; and no one can come to the Father except through Him.  Such exclusivity cuts deeply into the philosophy and mindset of those who deny the very existence of God, and even of those who may believe in a god but embrace a tolerance of all beliefs as being true.

In this new 8-week study, Collide:  When Worldviews Clash, you will learn how Scripture addresses different worldview issues, and gain a better understanding as a follower of Christ how that differs from culture’s worldview.  Collide: When Worldviews Clash will present a biblical worldview that will help you determine what you believe, why you believe it, and give you confidence to articulate those beliefs to a culture that seeks to dissect and destroy the Christian worldview.  You are much more effective as salt and light when you know what you believe, and why you embrace those beliefs.

Each study comes with a video of Shawn Barnard teaching each session, and a study guide for each learner.

Week 1:  “God is, or God is not.” (Theology)

Week 2:  “The Origin and Sanctity of Life” (Biology)

Week 3:  “The Truth is . . .” (Veritology)

Week 4:  “What is Real?” (Philosophy)

Week 5:  “Do the Right Thing . . . but What is Right?” (Ethics)

Week 6:  “Social Issues”  (Sociology)

Week 7:  “God and Government” (Government)

Week 8:  “Reshaping Your Worldview”